In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist.

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People criticizing TFIOS because Gus sounds pretentious???

that was the point???

like literally at his fake funeral his best friend talks about how fucking pretentious he is and how annoying it was???

It was one of his character flaws? He was deliberately written that way?

You’re not being clever or critical by pointing it out, you are literally stating a fact about the novel that the author deliberately wrote

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if you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that one time i had to fly with my cello so we bought it a seat

and it got upgraded to first class

without me

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"The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014)

A very enjoyable film.

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now that’s a tinyhouse i could live in.

this is literally all I want and need in life. this is the best.

Want so bad

I’d so be ok with this.

I NEED a tiny house

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that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

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This is how you deal with being stuck in London traffic.

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please do not be mean to dogs they are only trying to help

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